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/Showhome BEFORE.jpg

Showhome 2020

We wanted:

Extra bedrooms and an extra bathroom; indoor/outdoor flow; outdoor living; allergen free floors; space to grow food and natives; storage solutions; a welcoming home; sunset views from the kitchen/lounge; clean lines and practicality.

/Showhome AFTER.jpg

Showhome 2020

We created the design for the architect to draw up for Council.

Met our budget by balancing our pros and DIY (and are still DIY-ing!)

Now we have everything we aimed for, and more! 

Very happy with the result.


Deck Restore and Extend

Our client required a deck restoration and small extension to create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space.

We removed the old decking boards, trellis and steps, and repaired damaged butanol.


Deck Restore and Extend

The extended space was completed with nice wide boards, giving a modern appearance.

The owners opted for wide capping so they could put their wine glass on it.

We built them nice new wide steps, and a built in seat to frame the space.


Flourishing Garden

Garden maintenance at our favourite place that is full of edibles!

Flourishing Garden

It's our job to keep things in order. One of many lovely gardens we take care of.