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Showhome Project

Looking to do an extension to your existing home? We provide consultation, design, and project management services.

Get your budget, scheduling, contacts and communications done by us so you can simply enjoy the progress without the hassle of managing your ...


Showhome Project

Whether your require a roof replacement, house repaint, any restoration or just the odd job - we get it sorted for you.

Give your property a new life and fresh look with our maintenance solutions. Consultation services also available to help direct your ...


Deck Restore and Extend

Our client required a deck restoration and small extention to create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space.

So we removed all the old decking boards, repaired damaged butanol, sunk new posts and built framing to support the extended ...


Deck Restore and Extend

The owners are doing paint and stain themselves to add their own taste, and finishing with a tiled entrance for a touch of luxury.


Flourishing Garden

Our client required help with keeping her flourishing garden tidy.
One of our favourite gardening projects because this lady has edibles galore!

Flourishing Garden

We trimmed hedges, removed weeds and grasses, contained ground cover, pruned trees, sprayed pathways, mowed lawns, planted out bare spaces.