Edible landscapes

Transform your outdoor space into a magical wonderland!

Not only do edibles do all the things that most plants do (clean the air, stabilise soil, provide shade/shelter), they also feed us!

We want edibles to be everywhere. on council verges, in local parks, in gardens nationwide. But we need your help.

Have you noticed how when one household on the street mows their lawn, it begins a lawn mowing symphony? That is a small part of the connection and influence we have with our community. 

If a person on the street planted one fruit tree (say apricot for example), they could share their apricots with their neighbours. Maybe the neighbour likes pears so they plant a pear tree, then they share their pears with their neighbours. Now we have tree ripened, organic apricots and pears for the neighbourhood. Maybe a third neighbour needs some shade for their lawn so the kids can safely picnic. They don't want too much fruit, so they plant an olive tree for dappled light and to hold a swing. Now the neighbourhood has three varieties of food available to share with one another, and a cool place to play/share their harvests. 

Imagine if every house on your street had one fruit tree of a different species. And the park had a few. Imagine going for a walk and doing your fruit shopping on the way. The thought makes me giggle and feel light in my heart. As I write this, with the house open, working at my dining table, some neighbourhood friends wander past and wave out hello on their way home. This connection I love and hope it will grow so the parks are alive and 'fruitful', and households have fresh (and free) snacks when they meet to play.

- Missi -

Workshops - Book a workshop for your group (friends, kindy/schools, business) and learn how to grow your own food at home organically to create sustainable food forests and support native wildlife.

Gardening Services - For all your general gardening needs, get in touch. We offer all general gardening services including lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, fertilising, planting and more.

Landscape Design - Overhauling an existing landscape, renovating, or starting from scratch, our designs open up new possibilities.

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Products available for purchase:

  • Underground compost $15 each
  • Plants $10-$50 each
  • Fruit/veges (organic) $2-$20
  • Seeds $3

Note: product availability may vary throughout seasonal changes and only while stock lasts.

DIY 'underground compost' instructions: 

  1. Take an old paint bucket or something similar with a lid.
  2. Drill big holes in the base and sides.
  3. Dig a hole within the drip line of your chosen edible tree.
  4. Bury the 'underground compost' so the lid sits just above the surface of the soil.
  5. Collect your kitchen compost and place it in the 'underground compost'.
  6. Rotate your feeding by having 'underground compost' beneath every tree, and within vege gardens.

Happy plants feed you well, while being earth friendly. Easy.

Eat more fruit and veges to feed your plants more, in turn they feed you more!


Customers have questions, we have answers. 

Q1. What if I like easy care? 

Easy! We can plant what you love or you can add some easy care edibles.

Q2. I already have a garden full of plants but want to have edibles instead.

Great, we can remove unwanted plants and replace them with plants that produce the food you love to eat!

Q3. I have heaps of scraps from our meal preparation, what shall I do with it?

Purchase some of our underground composting vessels and feed the worms in your soil so they fertalise your plants.

Q4. I want to have chickens or ducks. Won't they eat my plants?

Animals contribute to the growth of your edibles with fertilisation and pest control. They might eat some of your plants, but we can help you create a space that can accommodate both plants and animals.

Q5. I want to grow my own food but don't want to do any maintenance. 

Perfect! Sign up for a maintenance program with us! Or just plant the edibles that require almost no maintenance (other than eating of course).

Q6. I live in a rental but want to grow a garden, what can I do?

You can have a temporary garden setup so when your tenancy ends it can be easily removed. You can also grow some delicious food in pots year round! Some landlords might even think it's a nice addition to plant a few permanent edibles for tenants to enjoy for years to come, just ask them - the worst they will say is 'no'.