Edible landscapes

Take the outdoor living space you currently have and transform it into something magical!

We focus on edibles as it is our passion. But we can always work with your personal taste to create the outdoor living you choose.

Workshops - Book a workshop for your group and learn how to grow your own food at home organically.

Gardening Services - For all your general gardening needs, get in touch. We offer all general gardening services including lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, fertilising, planting and more.

Landscape Design - Overhauling an existing landscape or starting from scratch, our designs open up new possibilities.

Have an exciting new project you need help with?

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Products available for purchase:

  • Underground composting SMALL $15 each
  • Plants from our nursery $10-$25 each.

Note: product availability may vary throughout seasonal changes. Please visit our Facebook page for more info @EatYourPlant or call us to enquire.

DIY underground composting instructions: 

  1. Take an old paint bucket or something similar with a lid.
  2. Drill big holes in the base of it, and the side if you like.
  3. Dig a hole within the drip line of your chosen edible tree.
  4. Bury the 'underground composting' so the lid sits just above the surface of the soil.
  5. Collect your kitchen compost in a container and place it in the 'underground composting' when the kitchen container is full.
  6. Rotate your tree feeding by having 'underground composting' beneath every tree, or within vege gardens.

Happy plants that feed you well, while being earth friendly.

Eat more fruit and veges to feed your plants more!


Customers have questions, we have answers. Everybody benefits when you grow your own edibles.

Q1. What if I like easy care? 

Easy! We can plant what you love or you can try some easy care edibles.

Q2. I already have a garden full of plants but want to have edibles instead.

Great, we can remove unwanted plants and replace them with plants that produce the food you love to eat!

Q3. I have heaps of scraps from our meal preparation, what shall I do with it?

Purchase some of our underground composting vessels! 

Q4. I want to have chickens or ducks. Won't they eat my plants?

Animals contribute to the growth of your edibles with fertilisation and pest control.

Q5. I want to grow my own food but don't want to do any maintenance. 

Perfect! Sign up for a maintenance program with us!

Q6. I live in a rental but want to grow a garden, what can I do?

You can have a temporary garden setup so when your tenancy ends it can be easily removed. You can also grow some delicious food in pots year round!