By Appointment Only - Our Journey 2020

Didn't Covid make an impact!

Schedules, budgets, health & safety regulations...never fear! Nothing we can't manage. In fact, we had fun! And you can too.

The Process

Late 2019 and we had our design finalised.

Budgets and schedules set, the team on board and ready to go.

Then woops! Lockdown.... sometimes timeframes can't be controlled. The Covid landscape has taught us above everything, to be adaptable to the constantly changing situation. 

All lockdown really did with our reno was extend the total period of time it took for completion (remember the one bubble situation?) We were super lucky to be able to wall off the area where the team were working (for the main bit), so there was little disruption to the family. Some families are able to relocate, others get their reno done room by room. Whatever works!

It was fun getting in with the team, laying our recycled tongue and groove rimu flooring while they built the decks. Plastering and painting while they installed the joinery. Keeping up with work, study and kids while they did the structural stuff. This is the beauty of balance during the renovation process. You do what you do best, and let the pros do what they do best, and remember - try not to peek!! The surprise is part of the excitement.

Enjoying Our Space

We love it. Absolutely love it. 

Passers by have mentioned stories of "when 'so and so' used to own this house" and compliments of "what a vast improvement"! Neighbours are impressed with the transformation. Friends and family notice and continue to enjoy more small changes and edible and native plantings grown with each visit. Best of all, a property that serves the purpose it is intended for - a warm and welcoming home and a relaxed place of business.

This is part of our story.

Let it be the beginning of yours, with us.

Love, Missi and Co.