By Appointment Only - Our Journey 2020

Didn't Covid make an impact!

Schedules changed, health and safety changed, laws changed, prices changed, budgets changed.

But never fear! Nothing we can't manage. In fact, we had fun! And you can too.

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The Planning

Come late 2019 we had arranged all the plans, drawings, neighbour agreement, Council applications, budgets, timetables, trades, and logistics of making our renovation happen.

All set to go in March and lockdown came on my birthday! So we hunkered down, looking forward to when we would be free to turn the house upside down for a greater future good.

After four weeks, we were more than eager to begin. With a revised renovation schedule, we set about picking up under the Level 3 terms of trade. One bubble on site at a time. This extended the period in which we had originally allocated but ended up being just fine. Now, late 2020, we are making preparations to launch our long awaited dream to make our villages beautiful one property at a time.

Enjoying Our Space

Just on time for summer, we are able to enjoy our new wrapped decks, airy and light space, and extra room with ensuite, external laundry and workshop, spacious driveway, new room for our youngest child, and a garden space we can play in. A beautiful gift for our toil. 

Passers by often comment on the vast improvement. Neighbours are impressed. Friends and family enjoy the changes and continue to watch more small changes and edible plantings grow with each visit.

This is a part of our story.

Let it be the beginning of yours with us.

Love, Missi and Co.